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Frontloading for Innovation

By THH | Jun 23, 2016

There is a widely spread conviction in innovation processes: companies seek needs in order to satisfy them with a new product or service. The creativity and efficiency of this approach is not only very limited, but most importantly it hardly yields any noteworthy innovations – most of the time it…

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Brand and Culture as Creators of Identity

By THH | Jun 23, 2016

Companies often are especially successful when its employees stand behind them and can identify with them. A great and meaningful corporate vision can create the necessary framework for identification and orientation. It‘s an expression of "Why we do what we do“ as well as “Where we want to stand in…

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Realtime Metrics for Brand Managers

By THH | Jun 23, 2016

“Taking social data to the next level will be the next big advancement.
Instead of focusing on measures such as reach and participation, brands will begin 
to focus and act on the actual insights from such metrics.“ In 2003, the total volume of data produced by mankind comprised about five Exabyte.…

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The Future of Employer Branding

By THH | Jun 20, 2016

They are on the stalk, peeking, lurking, because they sense it: only a short moment of inattention and the shy game will escape. Time is fleeting, everybody knows; in the background, another hunter might even lurk. Indeed, you are not out there alone on the drive hunt - for the…

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