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Connected Cars

Are You Ready for the Connected Car?

By THH | Jun 27, 2016

Taking and then sharing photos used to be a process that could easily take a few weeks, if not months. The 36-exposure film had to be filled up exclusively with "shots that mattered," and the resulting film roll would take another few days to develop. Once you had the printed…

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Organisation 2.0

By THH | Jun 27, 2016

Every organisation exists in a constant state of transformation: adapting structures, implementing new departments, undergoing personnel changes. But the digital revolution has pushed these dynamics and the implications of change to a whole new level. One important driver of this new organisational transformation is the generation born after 1980. These…

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The Attraction of Stimulus

By THH | Jun 27, 2016

The world is steadily growing digital. Simultaneously the lust for sensation is increasing. This leads to exciting new ways of brand management if marketers think of those two trends together. 1,045,510,000. This is the number of websites existing globally as of JuneĀ 2016*. Two thirds of these are unused placeholders or…

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3D Printer: 21st Century Industrial Revolution?

By THH | Jun 26, 2016

A revolutionary production process changes the contemporary understanding of brands. The introduction of 3D printing is shifting the production of objects from the factory to the home. It enables consumers to free themselves from traditional suppliers and gives them the choice to follow their own acquisition strategy. Due to this…

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