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Today, brand consultants need to provide more than just “brand-strategic advice”. They need to be knowledgeable allrounders understanding the multifarious challenges companies face on their way from here and now to tomorrow and ahead. They must be creative inspirers, progressive contrarians, passionate trendscouts and digital-savvy future designers. They must be where their clients are but with their heads in the future. To help brands evolve and stay on top.

At GREENKERN, the Brand R/Evolution Consultancy, we are all this. And we help brands evolve with clever, gutsy, empathic and beautifully designed strategic solutions. We are digital enthusiasts, more creative than strategy consultants and more strategic than creative agencies. Our mission: Putting the R back in Evolution.

Our brand consultants have a deep understanding for the brand-related challenges that companies currently face. They are trained to spot the transformational potential of brands and come up with truly R/Evolutionary solutions to leverage them onto the next level.



  • Branding 100%
  • Strategy 100%
  • Innovation 95%
  • Digital 90%